Casio fx-115ES PLUS Review: User-Friendly Scientific Calculator

Looking for the best scientific calculator is a daunting task. Most students have a hard time in choosing one because there are plenty of brands that offer different features. I have already tried various types of scientific calculators throughout my engineering life so I am more than happy to share my thoughts about them. In this article, I will present my Casio fx-115ES PLUS review and help you decide if this calculator is worth it or not.


Product Overview

  • Product: Casio fx-115ES PLUS
  • Price: $16
  • Cheapest Place to Buy:
  • My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

Product Overview

Casio fx-115ES Plus is one of the most user-friendly scientific calculator. It is designed to cater people at any level. Students can definitely benefit from this device since it is adaptable and offers functions that aid its users.

It has a natural textbook display that shows expressions exactly as they appear in the textbook. This means that you will be able to see fractions with one number above the other. This can help the users interpret the answers better.

Casio fx-115ES PLUS Review

You can also take advantage of its more than 280 functions such as linear regression, standard deviation and complex number calculations. Aside from that, it has a multi-replay function that allows you to edit equations and reevaluate your answers

Based on the description of Casio, this version is engineered to support users of the following courses:

  • All General Mathematics courses
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I & II
  • Statistics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Engineering

Functions & Operations

Natural Display

One of the most helpful feature of this model is its natural display. Basically, you will be able see the numbers and operations on the screen the same way as it is shown in books.

For example, you will see fractions on its typical form. The numerator will be on top of the denominator with a fraction bar in the middle. Aside from fractions, you will also input exponents on the screen. It will be a small number on top of an integer. Honestly, this feature is very helpful in terms of reading the results or inputting equations in your calculator. It also minimizes the mistakes that you can commit while solving complicated numbers.

Simplified Answers

Most mathematical problems require answers in the simplest form. This calculator can also provide simplified results. For example, if you want to have a decimal answer instead of a fraction, just press the [S<=>D] button in order to arrive to your desired format.

Variety of Operations

I won't get deep into the operations that this model offers but I will share some of the most beneficial. It has integral and derivative approximations that can help you in your calculus subjects. Solving matrices is also not a problem because you can work on maximum of 3x3 matrix size. Matrix inversions is also a plus point.

Power Source

The fx-115ES PLUS has a two-way power which is convenient when taking long hours of exam. Aside from the small solar panels that provide solar power, it is also has a battery back up.

So, finding an extra battery for power source if not a problem. And since it only uses minimal power, having outage issues is not a problem.

Adequate Speed

Having a good speed is another factor that you should consider when choosing a calculator. And this model doesn't fall short in that aspect.

When solving system of equations, it can certainly cope up to your needs. You can work with linear up to quadratic equations. Matrix inversions, addition, subtraction or multiplication is also doable in a short period.

Another good feature is its speed in terms of converting degrees to decimals. Just press the °'" button in order to arrive to your desired format. It will definitely save you time during your test. However, if you want a better option you can try looking into Casio fx-9750gii.

Durable and Long-lasting

Although the calculator is thin, it is still compact enough to last for a long period. It comes with a slide on case that easily fits at either front or back of the device.

Personally, I have been using Casio fx-115ES PLUS since college. What I like about it is its slim body that can easily fit inside my pocket. By the way, it's already 5 years since I graduated from college but I still have it. I used it when I took my FE exam last 2016, and it is still my calculator as I prepare for my PE exam this October 2019.

Not a Graphing Calculator

One downside of this model is that it can't graph functions or plot data.

In order to compensate to the graphing functions, it does have a table function where you can enter up to two functions and create a table. Aside from that, there is also an equation app which can be used to find features of a graph for an equation such as roots, maximum and minimum value.

Budget-Friendly Device

With all the functions and features that this model offers, I must say that its price is definitely worth it. Since it is also not a graphing calculator, less than $20 seems reasonable.

If you are looking for a something that can solve complex system of equations, this may not be the best option. But if you are looking for an average calculator that you can use on your class or during an exam, this is a perfect fit to your needs.

Another thing that you can take advantage of with this model is its free online manual. It includes all the necessary instructions and descriptions on how you can better use the calculator.

I highly suggest that you take advantage of it so that you can have a better understanding of your device.

Good Option for Students and Employees

Casio fx-115ES PLUS offers adequate number of function and features that can definitely help you in your school or even at work place. Its thin design will allow you to bring it anywhere you want without worrying about its weight. Aside from its affordable price, it is also durable that can last for a long period. Even though it can't act as a graphing calculator, its operations will definitely cope up with this limitation.

If you have question or concerns about this model and brand, please comment down below so I can help you. Also, feel free to share you own personal experience, hacks and tips about using this calculator.

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